Instructions for First Time CUonline Users

Before You Begin

To log in to the CUonline internet banking system for the first time, you will need your Member Number and Password.  Your password is sent to you in the US Mail after your application for CUonline access is approved.  For Erie Shores Members, your current Erie Shores Home Branch online banking password will also be your CUonline password.  Your member number will be your new 7 digit Directions CU member number which begins with “7” (e.g. ESCU # 1234 = Directions CU # 7001234; ESCU # 12345 = Directions CU # 7012345; etc.)

Step One : Go to and click on the “Online Banking Login” link at the top left of the page.

Step 2 : Then select the “Click Here for Multi-Factor Enrollment”

This link is only for the old Erie Shores Home Branch site. link for first-time CUonline users.

Start Here! Don’t enter anything in these boxes until after you have enrolled above!

Enter your NEW member number using your regular keyboard.

Step 3 : On the following page, you will enter your Member Number, Password, and a Security Code (i.e. re-enter the numbers in the image).

Use “onscreen keyboard” to enter your password.

Passwords are case sensitive - as you move your mouse over the keyboard selected letters and case turn blue.

Tip: Nothing appears in the Password box until you select a letter using the onscreen keyboard.

Don’t forget to enter the Security Code from the displayed image using your regular keyboard.

Step 4 : Next, you will be asked to accept the CUonline agreement, and to enter answers to five security questions.  You can use the questions provided, or you may create questions of your own.  Answers must be at least four letters long.  You may wish to use one-word answers, as they are easier to remember, and your answers must be typed the same each time you are asked a question.

These questions are used as “challenge” questions to help make certain that it is you who is accessing your account.  The combination of a password and these challenge questions keeps your account more secure than the use of a password alone.

Don’t forget to accept the agreement! You will also be asked to choose a word to use as your Security Image.

  1. Accept the CUOnline user agreement.

2. Answer the questions.

Use the questions provided…

3. Or, create your own.

4. Choose a word to use as your Security Image.  This can be any word you like that will be familiar to you and assure you that you are on the actual CUOnline site.

The Security Image is a way for you to be certain that you are logged into our legitimate CUonline site and not a phishing site.  You should use a word that you will recognize, but you should not use your password as your security image.  You will see your Security Image each time you log in to CUonline.

You are now finished with the enrollment process, and can enter CUonline by entering your member number and password information.

If you wish, you may Register your computer.  This places a “cookie” on your computer so that we will recognize you when you next log in to CUonline, and you will not be asked a challenge question.  This cookie will expire periodically, causing you to be asked a challenge question.  Simply re-register your computer at that time to avoid the challenge questions.

Call 419-841-9838 or 888-508-2228 if you have questions or would like assistance with this process.